My Week – Overtrading

I have no doubt, every expanding practice goes through a challenging time. The challenge is an expanding client base and capacity to meet demands of the work.

Since M left, I have been building up a client base. The rate of growth has been the most rapid in my practice’s life. This is through sheer hard work on marketing a few months back.

The recent expansion has made it incredibly difficult for me. It is the hours I work with hardly any time for myself. When I am feeling down, I wish the expansion would stop. In my sane moments, I want my luck to continue. Continue reading “My Week – Overtrading”

My Week – Taking Stock

My Sunday Ramblings

I was reflecting this week how far I have reached with my practice. Starting with zero clients from my home office six and a half years ago.

I started with joining a franchise and leaving within ten months of joining them. It was a £30k loss of my very hard-earned dosh.

There were times I wanted to get back into employment, back to my high salary. Something was holding me back.  That something was I do not fit anywhere. That has always been the way for me. Continue reading “My Week – Taking Stock”