My Sunday ramblings- Nearly over

simplicityI am looking forward to January coming to an end. I intend to take a few long weekends. I mean taking Friday off and returning to work on Monday.

I am not sure whether I will be able to do this. I will try. I do not know what I will do or where I will go. I think it is important I do not have work on my mind for a few days. 

Talking about work, how would I sum up my week?

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My Sunday ramblings – January stress

simplicityWe are already on the 12th day of 2014!  In my case with age time is passing by with an increasing speed. I want to hold on to dear life as long as it is of  good quality.  I ask myself regularly how can I make the most of my time in my middle aged years?

The sad person that I am, most of it for me means working on my business. I get so much satisfaction from building my business. It drives me. So what has driven me this week? 

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My Sunday ramblings- Happy

simplicityWhen I have a blank screen to write my blog, I do not know what I will write, neither do I plan my writing (it shows!). There is just a need for me to write. 

There is something about writing as a medium. I am in no way what you would call a professional writer. By this I mean people would pay to read my written work! As you know, my writing lacks attention to detail (editing)! Plus it is so so.

This is my last Sunday Ramblings for 2013. We are in limbo land period till the first Monday following New Year’s day. So this will not be my normal Sunday Ramblings.

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