My Week – Stressed out

My Sunday Ramblings

I would not call it one of my better weeks. No, in fact, I would call it “what is the bloody point” week.

I am responsible for how I feel and how I spend my time. I cannot blame anyone else. I messed up in several respects:

1) Getting to the office very late – it messes my day
2) Progress of my website – stressed me
3) Low productivity – no one else’s but my own doing.
4) Food glories food! When I am stressed, I eat. Continue reading “My Week – Stressed out”

My Sunday ramblings – January stress

simplicityWe are already on the 12th day of 2014!  In my case with age time is passing by with an increasing speed. I want to hold on to dear life as long as it is of  good quality.  I ask myself regularly how can I make the most of my time in my middle aged years?

The sad person that I am, most of it for me means working on my business. I get so much satisfaction from building my business. It drives me. So what has driven me this week? 

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