My Week – The Conference

My Sunday Ramblings

It was clear Sift had put a lot of thought, time and effort in organising Practice Excellence Conference. It was well worth attending.

I was not impressed with the early morning sessions. I think, I was very much in the minority. I have read too many self-help books including attending master motivational guru Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power within seminar. I know what and how the motivational gurus will talk. It was not a surprise. It was not for me. I really have had  more than my fill of all these type of events and reading.   Continue reading “My Week – The Conference”

My Week – Curtains or Blinds?

My Sunday Ramblings

My home is still in a right mess! This will carry on to next week as well. All good though since I will have a great place to live in.

I will have new ceilings, new lightening, fresh new paint, new carpets and may be a gym (?). Plus other bits and pieces.

As you may know, I have worked very hard in the past to be in a position I am in now. There was no help from parents nor any inheritance or a wife/partner. It is all me! I get a great deal of satisfaction from this. Continue reading “My Week – Curtains or Blinds?”

My Week – Loose ends

My Sunday Ramblings

As my business grows, it is important that I clear loose ends for me to move forwards.

Loose ends are stressful, since they keep nagging me to deal with them. None of us are perfect beings, I have no doubt we all have loose ends.

This week, I put in writing all the loose ends that are bugging me. I also set a date for each loose end task to be completed. These tasks include practice management, client issues and some personal staff. Continue reading “My Week – Loose ends”