My Sunday ramblings – Practice in the Cloud

My Sunday RamblingsIt was an emotionally exhausting week. My mother’s carer is finally sorted. She is happy with her. This was quickly replaced by a far bigger problem.

It has been four years now and the doctors still have not been able to work out what the medical problem is with my mother. In her hospital appointment this week the neurologist said it may be motor neurone disease (MND).

My father had MND. At late stages of this disease, I have no doubt, I would opt for euthanasia. HERE is further information about MND. The video on the website does not reflect the experience I saw my father go through.

She will be admitted in the Hospital next week Sunday as an inpatient to undertake further tests. We (siblings) will wait and see how it goes. If it is MND, we will discuss how we address this on a day to day basis.

Life has to go on through a balancing act between caring for my mother and running my business. Let’s face it I am not the only one who has to do this.

So, how was my working life this week?

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My Sunday ramblings – Practice Management

My Sunday RamblingsMy staff think post January tax season we do not have much work to do. This annoyed me since there are so many practice management tasks we have to complete. This is the time to do it.

Worst still after I listed all the practice management tasks on our whiteboard in our office, they think it is not real work! To them real work is producing accounts and tax returns. I failed to convince them that practice management work is vital for efficiency and smooth running of our practice.

At the same time, they are impressed with the systems that I implemented prior to them joining the practice.

They could not answer when I asked them how did the systems they are impressed with come to be in the practice? Without spending time on practice management, how would that be possible?

I am sure you know in order to get productivity out of staff, it is about winning hearts and minds. On PM, I failed to do this. I have not given up yet!

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My Sunday ramblings – Where do I start?

My Sunday RamblingsAs I mentioned before blogging helps me. Last Friday was an exception. I let it became a distraction. I should not have allowed this. It was not worth my valuable time.

Most of the comments resorted to name calling. This is a clear reflection of  people who are of a bankrupt intellect. I know who the people are. Your writing style is like your finger prints. A real give away.  You can’t hide.

Pretending to be someone else and calling me a pervert, fat and worse!  I am kicking myself for allowing these people to waste my time and emotions. My productivity was affected. Far more importantly, I lost my time! I will never be able to recover this.

What is interesting is  THIS blog post triggered their nonsense. Though I could not work out why such vitriol. Was it jealousy? Ageism? Racism? Fatism?

My Friday’s sky-high blog hit rate shows I was mentioned on Accounting Web. I wonder what was said? I will never know.

Leaving aside Friday’s avoidable distraction and nonsense, how would I sum up my week?

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