Do you trust a practice management guru?

guruSince entering the accountancy practice world, I have thought a lot about what makes some people able to speak with authority and give advice on effective practice management. 

If you are practicing accountant I have no doubt you know some practice management gurus. What is it that qualifies them for that role? Who makes a judgement that they are gurus of  practice management?

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solutionFirst thing when I woke up this morning, the solution to the question I asked myself in an earlier blog, came to my head.  This is what I call productive sleep!

Another reason I am in such a good mood is because I had a fantastic bike ride this morning after two days not cycling due to the weather. I was going nuts! This morning was perfect cycling weather.   

I had to blog about my solution during work time since I did not want to lose the thought. This has happened before.

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