My Week – Curtains or Blinds?

My Sunday Ramblings

My home is still in a right mess! This will carry on to next week as well. All good though since I will have a great place to live in.

I will have new ceilings, new lightening, fresh new paint, new carpets and may be a gym (?). Plus other bits and pieces.

As you may know, I have worked very hard in the past to be in a position I am in now. There was no help from parents nor any inheritance or a wife/partner. It is all me! I get a great deal of satisfaction from this. Continue reading “My Week – Curtains or Blinds?”

My Week – Loose ends

My Sunday Ramblings

As my business grows, it is important that I clear loose ends for me to move forwards.

Loose ends are stressful, since they keep nagging me to deal with them. None of us are perfect beings, I have no doubt we all have loose ends.

This week, I put in writing all the loose ends that are bugging me. I also set a date for each loose end task to be completed. These tasks include practice management, client issues and some personal staff. Continue reading “My Week – Loose ends”

My Week – Nitty-Gritty

My Sunday Ramblings

Reviewing our day-to-day work this week, I was pleased to see that this year we are in a far better position on personal tax returns than we ever were before. Bar one client, all the heavy time-consuming tax returns will be completed by the end of next week.

I cannot see us having the Jan stress! We will be open to taking on new clients. Last year we had to turn them down due to a heavy workload. Continue reading “My Week – Nitty-Gritty”

My Sunday ramblings – Practice in the Cloud

My Sunday RamblingsIt was an emotionally exhausting week. My mother’s carer is finally sorted. She is happy with her. This was quickly replaced by a far bigger problem.

It has been four years now and the doctors still have not been able to work out what the medical problem is with my mother. In her hospital appointment this week the neurologist said it may be motor neurone disease (MND).

My father had MND. At late stages of this disease, I have no doubt, I would opt for euthanasia. HERE is further information about MND. The video on the website does not reflect the experience I saw my father go through.

She will be admitted in the Hospital next week Sunday as an inpatient to undertake further tests. We (siblings) will wait and see how it goes. If it is MND, we will discuss how we address this on a day to day basis.

Life has to go on through a balancing act between caring for my mother and running my business. Let’s face it I am not the only one who has to do this.

So, how was my working life this week?

Continue reading “My Sunday ramblings – Practice in the Cloud”