My Sunday ramblings – Feeling run-down

simplicityThis week my body give me a clear signal, it said it me that’s it, I need a rest and you are not taking one so I will force you to by making you feel run-down. It succeeded.

Most of the week I had a high temperature, runny nose, coughs and I did not feel like doing much work. I went to my office only when there was no other option. I was not able to cycle for the whole week. I have not yet fully recovered. I think it will take another week or so. It is rare for me to ill.

My man flu meant it turned out to be a tough week.

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My Sunday ramblings- Resume normal life

simplicityMost of Friday I slept. Well, slept, woke up, pottered around my flat (I really should call it an apartment since it sounds expensive) and slept again. Till about 6pm when I had to force myself out of my flat to check on my mother.

From Christmas period right up to the end of January it was a gruelling time for us. My practice has expanded since the previous January. This was bound to happen despite the fact we did get a record number of returns completed pre tax returns season.

I will change tack in this week’s edition of Sunday Ramblings. I would like to use the opportunity to talk about  what’s next for me.  

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