My Week – Stress and Brand refresh

My Sunday Ramblings

I would not call my week productive. It was a week where I did not achieve as much as I wanted to. It was partly my own doing and partly due to dealing with on-going issues with my mother’s Motor Neurone Disease.

There was so much to do. We (siblings) are all doing what we can. It includes arranging care workers, medical appointments, dealing with home appointments from the local authority to community health unit.

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My Week – MND

My Sunday Ramblings

There are certain key events in our life that make us (me) say – shitty, shitty, shitty life! This sums up my week.

The neurologist confirmed our worst fear on Friday – my mother has Motor Neurone Disease. It is one of the rare diseases. It has hit our family twice. My father died from this disease.

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