My Week – More Marketing

My Sunday Ramblings

I am finding it difficult to sum up my week. Don’t get me wrong, I was busy. I am not able to reflect this in my blog.

We had a first meeting on how the video will go, both in terms of the script, storyboard and the voice-over. I love it. It goes with the website, and it is relevant without being boring. That is a difficult balance to achieve.

It is early days on the video. I am positive. Continue reading “My Week – More Marketing”

My Week – Head is buzzing

My Sunday Ramblings

What a gorgeous day and I cannot get my mind off work. I am excited about my business. This week it has completely consumed me.

Our new website is so nearly there now. It should be live by early next week. It does stand out from the crowd. Well, till it is copied. I will put all the stops to prevent this.

So much follows once the website is live. This includes various marketing campaigns I have in mind. There is also the website video. This should be completed by the end of August 2014. Continue reading “My Week – Head is buzzing”