My Sunday ramblings – Where do I start?

My Sunday RamblingsAs I mentioned before blogging helps me. Last Friday was an exception. I let it became a distraction. I should not have allowed this. It was not worth my valuable time.

Most of the comments resorted to name calling. This is a clear reflection of  people who are of a bankrupt intellect. I know who the people are. Your writing style is like your finger prints. A real give away.  You can’t hide.

Pretending to be someone else and calling me a pervert, fat and worse!  I am kicking myself for allowing these people to waste my time and emotions. My productivity was affected. Far more importantly, I lost my time! I will never be able to recover this.

What is interesting is  THIS blog post triggered their nonsense. Though I could not work out why such vitriol. Was it jealousy? Ageism? Racism? Fatism?

My Friday’s sky-high blog hit rate shows I was mentioned on Accounting Web. I wonder what was said? I will never know.

Leaving aside Friday’s avoidable distraction and nonsense, how would I sum up my week?

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My Sunday ramblings- Resume normal life

simplicityMost of Friday I slept. Well, slept, woke up, pottered around my flat (I really should call it an apartment since it sounds expensive) and slept again. Till about 6pm when I had to force myself out of my flat to check on my mother.

From Christmas period right up to the end of January it was a gruelling time for us. My practice has expanded since the previous January. This was bound to happen despite the fact we did get a record number of returns completed pre tax returns season.

I will change tack in this week’s edition of Sunday Ramblings. I would like to use the opportunity to talk about  what’s next for me.  

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Duvet Day

Duvet DayI have no doubt you have had days when it is windy, raining and grey outside. Every bit of you wants to stay in bed even though there is so much to be done. This was my day today. Eventually I made it to the office. Once I got in at 12.15 pm,  I said to myself, I wish I was here a few hours earlier. I love my office. I just want to work when I get in.

I knew I had to drive in today. This gave me an additional reason to pull up my duvet and not get up. I wanted my bike ride!  

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