Why am I happy?

orange with leafI am not on any pick me up drugs. I am at my worst on beauty stakes. In terms of my weight, it is the heaviest I have ever been. I could be earning substantially more money, but I am not. I have resigned myself to a single life.

Despite all the above, over the past 6-8 days, I have been so happy. I do not know why. What is happening to me? Is it ageing? Is it because of some chemical changes in my brain? Are they?

My flat is a mess. I want my home back! I am still happy. There are a few other issues going on, guess what, I am still happy. Continue reading “Why am I happy?”

My Sunday ramblings- Happy

simplicityWhen I have a blank screen to write my blog, I do not know what I will write, neither do I plan my writing (it shows!). There is just a need for me to write. 

There is something about writing as a medium. I am in no way what you would call a professional writer. By this I mean people would pay to read my written work! As you know, my writing lacks attention to detail (editing)! Plus it is so so.

This is my last Sunday Ramblings for 2013. We are in limbo land period till the first Monday following New Year’s day. So this will not be my normal Sunday Ramblings.

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