Client Power

CheapOver the past few months, the competition for accountancy and tax services has become fierce.

I had some good quality enquiries. I lost out because my fees were higher than others. I could not lower them anymore at the time.

They are accountants whose views are never drop your prices- do not compete on fees. Further, they go on and say they are clients who are looking for quality. This used to be my view. Continue reading “Client Power”

Killer question

Tough questionIt is a good start to February. I had two potential client meetings today. They are both promising prospects. It is wait and see now.

I was struck by what one of the prospects asked me. In the past I would have used my standard response. Things have changed. I think the attractive prospect in question may go elsewhere (please no).   

The killer question  was “Will you be dealing with all our affairs?”

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My Sunday ramblings- Nearly over

simplicityI am looking forward to January coming to an end. I intend to take a few long weekends. I mean taking Friday off and returning to work on Monday.

I am not sure whether I will be able to do this. I will try. I do not know what I will do or where I will go. I think it is important I do not have work on my mind for a few days. 

Talking about work, how would I sum up my week?

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