My Week – Where is my spark?

My Sunday Ramblings

We are not good at social media. Its importance is growing. I want us to be involved before it is too late. It is a massive learning curve for us.

The social media intern did not workout. I have found another person, who I hope will be a better fit. The new intern works full time, but wants to give it a try working in her spare time about 3-4 hours a week. She will produce a report next week on what needs to be done with our social media and action she will take. Continue reading “My Week – Where is my spark?”

My Week – Ticking along

My Sunday Ramblings

This week was supposed to be my week off, but it did not turn out that way. This was because:

1) Potential clients were requesting meetings. I could not turn away new business. If I had a good number of clients than yes very much so, I would say I am on leave. I do not have that luxury at present.

2) The new clients that we have taken on needed attention. We will not get a second chance to make that all important first impression. Continue reading “My Week – Ticking along”

My Week – Good Progress

My Sunday Ramblings

Please allow me to digress a little today.

It is amazing how technology has moved on. I am drafting this blog from my Galaxy Note 3 mobile phone. I moved on from the mighty Apple, a few months back.

The move was not an easy one. It took me a month or so to accept Android in my life. It was difficult because iOS gives it to you all, with hardly any room to adapt to your needs. Android gives you so much control and flexibility. Continue reading “My Week – Good Progress”