My Week – Overtrading

I have no doubt, every expanding practice goes through a challenging time. The challenge is an expanding client base and capacity to meet demands of the work.

Since M left, I have been building up a client base. The rate of growth has been the most rapid in my practice’s life. This is through sheer hard work on marketing a few months back.

The recent expansion has made it incredibly difficult for me. It is the hours I work with hardly any time for myself. When I am feeling down, I wish the expansion would stop. In my sane moments, I want my luck to continue. Continue reading “My Week – Overtrading”

My Week – Failed juggling act

My Sunday Ramblings

Over the past few months, I have upped my time spent on marketing my business. This is how it should be in order to maintain our income level. Clients who leave need be replaced. Marketing should be a continuous activity in order to survive and progress.

Marketing has consumed me. I love it because it has a direct impact on my business success. I did not got any outside help since I could not find anything that would give me value for money.

My marketing efforts have yielded good results in terms of client recruitment. Continue reading “My Week – Failed juggling act”

My Week – Back to College

My Sunday Ramblings

I started my one evening a week class a  on social media this week. This will continue for the next 14 weeks.

The first class was enjoyable and it was good to meet people from diverse backgrounds. Cynical old me loved meeting people! That is rare. The majority in the class are from a creative background.

The course coverage is spot on. Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for. The added benefit is that I am not getting social media lessons from other accountants! I think accountants are great as accountants but I do not think they should advise on social media.  Continue reading “My Week – Back to College”

My Week – Me

My Sunday Ramblings

The fact that I do not have as many years as I would like  left in me as a healthy and a productive person for some reason hit me this week. All this was at the back of my mind before.

It does not mean I will sit back and stop working towards my dream. It means I will force myself to have a balanced life. This process has already started with me not working weekends any more. I will extend this by taking time off as leave in addition to the weekends. Continue reading “My Week – Me”

My Week – Emotions

My Sunday Ramblings

We all know real life is a roller coaster of emotions. It is important to keep our emotions in check and not let them affect our day-to day tasks.

I failed miserably this week, and I did let my emotions affect my productivity. Even at my age I need to learn from this, time and time again and make sure this does not happen often.

I found what I thought was a good shop front. I did not handle the initial offer proposal well. Landlord’s agent is now messing around, getting us to up our offer so the agent can get a better offer from another prospect. All this is normal practice in business. Continue reading “My Week – Emotions”