Go on blog!

blogging_quoteI started blogging on Accounting Web in 2011. Supportive words from John Stokdyk on my FIRST BLOG POST open the doors to the world of blogging for me. Leaving the past where it belongs, thank you John. Credit to you.

I love to blog. It helps me to think, come up with solutions and pose questions that I need to reflect upon. I have no doubt blogging has helped my business and helped me to develop as a person. I wish I started blogging when I was in my twenties. Continue reading “Go on blog!”

Killer question

Tough questionIt is a good start to February. I had two potential client meetings today. They are both promising prospects. It is wait and see now.

I was struck by what one of the prospects asked me. In the past I would have used my standard response. Things have changed. I think the attractive prospect in question may go elsewhere (please no).   

The killer question  was “Will you be dealing with all our affairs?”

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