I worked, worked and worked

work, work, workFinally, our website is live! It is my baby, and I will not hear anything bad about it. It was both a painful conception followed by an equally painful birth.

They were three other talented people without whom this project would not have been possible and of such a high standard. They were the key to the project. I will work with them again. It goes to show any good piece of creative work involves more than one person. Continue reading “I worked, worked and worked”

Human Nature

Human nature

I do not have a high regard for human nature. We normally go out of our way to give a perception that we are decent human beings. My experience has shown reality is different to nice person perception most of us like to portray.

We are selfish, money minded, competitive and apart from making some minor contribution to end world poverty, we really are in it for ourselves. That is why we have managed to survive for so long and managed to change our surroundings drastically. Continue reading “Human Nature”

Client Power

CheapOver the past few months, the competition for accountancy and tax services has become fierce.

I had some good quality enquiries. I lost out because my fees were higher than others. I could not lower them anymore at the time.

They are accountants whose views are never drop your prices- do not compete on fees. Further, they go on and say they are clients who are looking for quality. This used to be my view. Continue reading “Client Power”