Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant

The Supper Accountant

I read today’s blog by Suzanne Fordham on Accounting Web. The blog is about Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant.

I thought it was an okay blog. Nothing that I have not read or heard before. The bit that always gets to me is when accountants talk about how they differentiate themselves. I would not call the list of how Annette differentiates her practice differentiation. It is just an efficient way of working.

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Not now please

successIt is always at the most inappropriate times that what I really want comes up. There is so much going both on the work front and my personal life front that I wish this opportunity (?) could have waited for a few more months.

I had an email from the landlord of a shop front asking if I was interested in his shop. The way things are I am not sure.  I viewed the shop about a year ago and the landlord would not drop his rent. So I moved on.

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Go on blog!

blogging_quoteI started blogging on Accounting Web in 2011. Supportive words from John Stokdyk on my FIRST BLOG POST open the doors to the world of blogging for me. Leaving the past where it belongs, thank you John. Credit to you.

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My Sunday ramblings – Feeling run-down

simplicityThis week my body give me a clear signal, it said it me that’s it, I need a rest and you are not taking one so I will force you to by making you feel run-down. It succeeded.

Most of the week I had a high temperature, runny nose, coughs and I did not feel like doing much work. I went to my office only when there was no other option. I was not able to cycle for the whole week. I have not yet fully recovered. I think it will take another week or so. It is rare for me to ill.

My man flu meant it turned out to be a tough week.

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