Why am I happy?

orange with leafI am not on any pick me up drugs. I am at my worst on beauty stakes. In terms of my weight, it is the heaviest I have ever been. I could be earning substantially more money, but I am not. I have resigned myself to a single life.

Despite all the above, over the past 6-8 days, I have been so happy. I do not know why. What is happening to me? Is it ageing? Is it because of some chemical changes in my brain? Are they?

My flat is a mess. I want my home back! I am still happy. There are a few other issues going on, guess what, I am still happy. Continue reading “Why am I happy?”

My Week – So little time

My Sunday Ramblings

It was an exhausting week. I do not have any intentions to work over the weekend. Both the mind and the body have given up. It was a week of very late nights. Thank goodness it is Friday.

What will I do? Catch up on sleep, watch a movie on Amazon Prime and whatever takes my fancy. I will go out of my way not to do any work till Monday.

I must get to sleep earlier during the week. It is important for me to function effectively. Continue reading “My Week – So little time”

My Contacts List

Contacts ListI know the success of my business is so much dependent on the quality and the size of my contacts list. It reflects whom I know and call for help when I need them. Of course in return I would do the same.

There is also helping others (referrals) in my contacts list by connecting people. They in turn are more likely to give me referrals.

Here is the thing, I know all this and yet my contacts list is poor in size and quality. This is because I no longer do networking.

Networking is vital. It is the face to face contact in the internet age that is important. I am sure you know people, as I do, who have got far in business. One of the key ingredients in this was/is the quality of their relationships with others. Continue reading “My Contacts List”