My Week: Green Office Week

cropped-istock_000003775668small-bike3.jpgHello folks. I would like to start off by saying shame on you Editorial Team, for not getting any mileage out of Green Office Week.  You are normally on the ball and jump to draft and publish an article. I have to pick up your slack!

My week was not productive. I did not do much work. It was more or less a week off due to reasons that are not related to work. It gives me a chance to talk about the extent to which we are environmentally friendly since it was the Green Office Week. Continue reading “My Week: Green Office Week”

My Week: Employee

The Supper AccountantHello folks. It was a week where Q reached a full three years with FT Practice Ltd. Prior to becoming an employee, she was a part-time intern for a year and a half. It means she has been with the practice for four and a half years.

They will come a day when she will leave. Replacing her will be such a challenge. She now does almost all the client work. Everything goes out under her name. Majority of clients are now emailing her with their queries. If you remember, that was my intention from day one, I did not want to be involved with the day to day client work. Continue reading “My Week: Employee”