Back to Tax School?

ATTI hope you know by now my dear reader, blogging (writing) helps me to clarify my thinking. It is in this regard, I  decided to blog today.

I completed my ACCA in 1996. My experience on tax has been gained only through my practice. TBH, I am finding more and more, that I am not even up to date with the basics. Tax software, like TaxCalc, is my lazy way out at present. This is just not good enough. Continue reading “Back to Tax School?”

Hello, 2015

apple on a branchFor me, 2014 from a business perspective was tough. Rebranding, pricing, staff issues and marketing took a lot out of me. I did not have a clear plan with time scales to do what I wanted to do.

Understandably all the time I was thinking client recruitment. This is vital. At the same time, it is equally important to make sure other areas of business are in control. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, it is important to keep all the key balls in the air. Continue reading “Hello, 2015”

I worked, worked and worked

work, work, workFinally, our website is live! It is my baby, and I will not hear anything bad about it. It was both a painful conception followed by an equally painful birth.

They were three other talented people without whom this project would not have been possible and of such a high standard. They were the key to the project. I will work with them again. It goes to show any good piece of creative work involves more than one person. Continue reading “I worked, worked and worked”