Previous AW Blogs (Sticky Post)

blue bikeHello

I will post my previous blogs dating back to 2011 here. I had no idea they went back to 2011! These were posted on AW.

I will be complying with Sift rules in using my content. The blogs will be dated same as the date they were posted on AW.


Blogs posted to date (links below):

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Boring Blogs?

pondOne benefit of blogging is through it, I think I have matured in my thinking. I think I am also a lot happier blogging. I do not know what it is, but blogging just agrees with me.

When I go back and read my blogs, I say to myself, “How boring, could you not be more interesting and write better?” Then I say to myself; I am not writing for a living, so I do not need to be good. Continue reading “Boring Blogs?”