VLCD: 26 November to 2 December

Monday 27 November

Bearing in mind I am on 600 calories a day, it is best not to walk 4 miles to work. I walked this morning. I am taking the bus back home.

This evening, I will have a Cookies and Cream bar. If I have Indian Daal Pot Meal, I may end up having the Cookies and Cream bar as well!

Hunger is okayish so far. It felt different not to have toast this morning before leaving for work. Continue reading “VLCD: 26 November to 2 December”

Weight: Lack of Progress

weight  lossFrom my weight loss table, I noted that I made good progress with my weight loss from 13/07/2016 to 17/12/2016. I lost 13.9 lbs. It is nearly a stone. That was good.

After 17/12/2016, I have put on most of the weight I lost. The date from which I began to pile on the weight is interesting because it was both the Christmas period and stressful tax returns season. Combined with these factors, winter is always depressing, and there was a substantial increase in workload as a result of fee bank purchase in November 2016. Continue reading “Weight: Lack of Progress”

My Weight – Going well

weight-lossMy first week on the weight loss pills was successful. I lost 3.5 lbs. I am pleased. As you know, I have a long way to go (now 54.4 lbs) before I get to my target weight.

I intend to get to my goal weight by the end of 2016. Honestly, my dear reader, being obese affects you in so many ways. 

Aside from significant health risks and likely to be a burden on already stretched NHS, it also affects your confidence, social life and other key aspects of your life. Never, never be where I am now. Continue reading “My Weight – Going well”

Weight Loss

Weight control

Hello folks, as you know my weight has been steady over the past few weeks. I want to move to weight loss now to improve the quality of my life.

Over the weekend, I spent an incredible of amount of time looking for something that would reduce my appetite to lose the excess weight.

There is so much misinformation for the sellers to get the business. This includes made up reviews on Amazon and the net generally. Continue reading “Weight Loss”