My Week: Moving Forward

Hello folks. I am making progress and developing my practice. It is going at a slower pace than I would like. The key point is I working on my practice and not in it. Eat your hearts out, practice advisors/gurus.

I have seen it time and time again, it is not about the technical tax and accounting knowledge, that is needed for business development.  For growth, it is DIGITAL MARKETING skills, in various forms. 

It would not surprise me if a survey shows, practice owners with limited or no technical accounting and tax skills make better practice owners.

As accountants, we are technically trained. We are more suited as employees. We get too involved in the day to day. Most of us are in jobs (employees), doing the work that is not meant for owners. 


I had discussions on what to do with my website. The options are:

  • No Change
  • Refresh 
  • Rebrand

It is all down to the SEO position on all the above options. My heart is towards rebranding. The costs are high. 

With no change option and the whole budget on SEO work, it is likely to be a better return on investment. 

I am still at the review stage. I am talking to SEO people to help me come to a decision. 

Practice Ignition

I am trialling PI for two weeks. I looked at Go Proposal. I am more comfortable with working with PI. Also PI is adaptable to my way of work. I will make a decision by the end of next week on PI. 

Overall it was a good week on the business front. 

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