My Week: Local Google

Hello folks.  Every time, I post a blog, at the back of my mind, there is always a nagging question, am I giving too much information to competitors? 

There is something in me that wants to put things in writing. For some reason, a private diary does not work in the same way.  This may be because it is human nature to share one’s day to day experience.  

I ask myself, are the benefits of blogging matched by giving too much information away? My answer varies to day to day. As you know, real life does not provide straightforward answers.  

Google ranking 

Until this week, I could not make myself check my practice’s local Google ranking.  I did not want to face the harsh reality. 

As I expected, they are newcomers on my local Google page. From a Google perspective, they are smarter, better and beat me in their Google ranking. Welcome back FT to the Google ranking competition!  I have left it late! 

Survey after survey has shown, higher up the local Google page you are, there is a direct correlation on the number of enquiries you get. 

As a small practice, it is not about how great your brand is and how fantastic your website looks. The bottom line is –  no click no good. 

There is a small positive. I am still on local Google page 1. I have dropped a few ranks down the page. Damn! 

Refresh v Rebrand

Pandemic has changed the way I see work. I know I am not the only one.  My website no longer reflects me.

This is not taking on any client who are not IT savvy. I want clients who are willing to use the bookkeeping software. If they are old my heart will not be able to turn them away.    

I would love to increase the client base but it needs to be the right fit client. Thankfully, for the moment, I still have the luxury to be selective. 

I am thinking about whether to refresh or rebrand the website. Rebranding is costly. Refreshing may not reflect who I am. I have not decided yet. 

Any Answers 

Response to my Any Answers post continues to impress me. Of course, it tends to be varied. At the same time, they are some helpful responses. I am surprised, how much helpful information is provided. Thank you all. 

I find it interesting, those who are on the front page of AW, do not tend to post a response or ask questions.  Why is this?


I posted the old business computers on eBay. Nobody wants to buy them. I have dropped the prices. I hope they will be sold, avoiding landfill. The charities I called were not interested. Put anything with an Apple logo, it just goes. 

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