My Week: Retail Unit 4 Years

Hello folks.  It was a stressful week. There is a lot to do to get my practice to back to the stage it was just over two years ago. 

Please note, I have varied the content on this site to what you will read on Accounting Web.

Retail Unit/Office

We reached our fourth-year anniversary of moving into a retail unit. The rentals saved, over the period, has now paid for the renovations. From here on, returns kick in through rental savings. Paying rent, over the long term, is a fool’s game.

Reviewing the current reduced fee base, I gave some thought to working from home and leasing my retail unit. I decided against it since I wanted a workplace outside my home.


I have shortlisted three SEO service providers. Their fees range from high, medium and cheap. I hope to decide by the end of next week, which way to go.

As regards to social media (SM), I will leave it. Time and returns do not add up. I will play to my strengths. SM is just not me. Despite going through a SM course, I still do not get it. I think it is such a waste of time. Maybe it is because I did not grow up with social media.

The fees for an outsider undertaking SM are very high.


My website needs only needs minor visual improvements and changes. However,  some key improvements are needed under the bonnet.  Google has made changes over the past few years. My website has not kept up with the changes. To put it in plain English, it is no longer as Google friendly.  I will follow SEO persons advice and ask her/him to make the changes.

Pricing on Website

I did not find the time to look further into pricing software for my website. I am also in two minds about having it.

If I decide to go ahead, I have no doubt, with my web designer, we will figure out what to do by looking at competitors websites.

There is so much to gain by looking at competitors websites.  I do NOT mean copying the content. It is about reviewing their ideas and practices. This is the stuff they would not give away.


I am a sucker for Apple products.  Anything new comes out, I will make myself justify the purchase. I do not have buyers remorse with Apple products.

I did not even go through the self-justification process when I see the new 2021 iMacs. I ordered one for home and wow wow wow. To the extent I also bought one for the office.

Based on what you get it is fantastic value for money.


I carried on with my CPD on improving my outdated tax knowledge.

I am beginning to get into a work mode after over two years of absence. Retirement is not even a thought. I am too young and too healthy to retire.

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