My Week: Progress

Hello folks. Please allow me to get some housekeeping out of the way. 

Blogging helps me to think. For this reason, there will be a weekly blog My Week blog. This will be anytime between Friday and Sunday. 

The key reason, I manage to get my previous good fee level, is because of writing blogs. To be clear, Sift has not asked me to blog. 

I blog to help me. It is a space for me. If you gain something out of my blogs, that’s a bonus. 

I appreciate the helpful comments made on Any Answers. A big thank you. 

Back to Business

I started to work on improving FT Practice Ltd. After 2 years it is showing serious signs of neglect. Here is what I did over the week:

Efficient work processes. I am putting in place simple but efficient work processes. This includes having a single client database. Our choice is TaxCalc. The only reason we intend to stop Accountancy Manager subscription is because it is time-consuming to manage two separate databases for the same clients.  The positives of a single database outweigh the plusses of Accountancy Manager. It is not a reflection on AM. It is excellent. 

Other areas of I worked on include:

  • I have drafted blogs for the practice. Next week, after review, I will post the blogs on my website. 
  • After over 2 years I am reviewing competitors websites and my now outdated website. Folks, in just two years, it has got even more competitive both on price and service. 
  • I have started to read on taxation subjects. TaxCafe books are excellent and to the point. My tax knowledge needs serious updating. 
  • ​I reviewed SEO service provides. Still under review at this stage. 

I will talk in detail about the above over the coming weeks. 

Care to comment?

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