Covid19: Mindset Shift

Hello folks. Please allow for a free-flowing blog post. I do not have an agenda, beyond the need to write a few words.

I am fairly certain, as a small practice owner, thoughts are going through your mind about the future. I am in the same place.

My self-centred concerns are about my practice/me. Like many of you, I started with a laptop, ambition and savings. I went through a seesaw of emotions in building a client base. Not forgetting, I had more than my fair share of abuse on good old Accounting Web. All this, I feel was worth it, to get me to a place where I was pre-COVID-19.

The practice was more or less running without my day to day involvement. I thought, finally, I have a business and I am not an employee tied to my practice. It was time to work less. I enjoyed this period for about 7 months or so.

Like the majority of us, I am not sure about the future.  As practice owners, we do not have exclusivity on this point.

I do not think, it will be the same again. It cannot be. COVID-19 is seriously making us think about our work and personal life.

I am forcing myself to think positive every day. I am also taking action on improving my health. This will now take priority over work. It will not be when I can fit it in. Practice stability and expansion will be when I can fit in (not at the cost of affecting client service). I have the luxury to do this, after years of hard work. My life priories have taken a significant shift. I am certain this is not temporary.

How has COVID-19 affected you?

Care to comment?

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