My Year: 2019


Hello folks. What happened to 2019? It just flew! I do not know how I should sum up the year. I will have a go and try my best. Please allow me some leeway. It has been some time since I last blogged. I may be out of practice.

The year

2019 was a year in which there was a major shift in the direction of my life.  Personal life played a dominant part. Though the practice kept ticking along. The drive I once had on the growth and developing the practice was taken over by a life-changing event.

I have no doubt, you know the following phrase, one thing you can predict about life is it so damn unpredictable. I did not think I would ever go light on the accelerator of my business/professional life. I did. My 2019 can be summed up by this point.

As we age, okay, as I age, life changes have a significant impact on how I see life. This includes the balance of work and personal life. 2019, tipped that balance to matters personal. My existing clients were well looked after. It is the business development that took a back seat.  I was not hungry for growth. I was not fighting for growth. Unavoidable priorities outside work took over.

I cannot say I am okay with how 2019 went. I am in two minds. As you know dear reader, life is full conflicts. This is one is mine. Reality does not offer neat solutions. This is best left to practice advisers.


I am too cynical to wish you a happy new year. It does not have any meaning. It is a change in our calendar and humankind goes nuts over this. The issues we face do not change.

It is good for publishers advertising revenues from a complete waste of time articles. These include achieving that perfect body, improve your income and better mental and physical health. NOTHING CHANGES. We will have similar articles in 2021 and beyond. The vast majority of us are not willing to go through the pain of change.

Let me try and end this blog on a positive note. Well, a positive note for me. I am in good health. I feel young. Also, surprisingly, I am happier than I have been for some time. Despite the fact, I am stressed. I think this is because I am giving up my time for something bigger than just me.




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