blogging_quoteHello folks. Apologies for the radio silence. I was incredibly busy over the past few weeks.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I will update you with my thoughts on Xero and QuickBooks comparison. I will. I need a little more time. I have not even started my QuickBooks recertification. I intend to over the next two to three weeks. I want to. 

Q is on leave for five weeks. I will try and fit the recertification during this period. Xero costs are very high. If QB meets our needs I need to get in fast before QB goes Xero’s way with its prices. I do not mind Xero being less cool (less Apple), with a lower price structure.


Matters business took a back seat over the past three months or so. This will change now. The practice needs my attention. It is time. I have neglected it for too long.

I will sort out our messy office over the weekend. I will then have a clean workplace to start the new week.

Thankfully, I have not lost clients. Neither have I taken on new clients. There has been some interest. The increased fees are an issue for potential clients. I think our increased fees are reasonable.

 My Week

Time pressure may make it difficult for me to post every week. Content is not normally an issue. Time is. Any small practice owner has many issues in connection with their practice. There is always something to write about. It helps the blogger and I hope, the reader.

AW blogs section needs reality small practice blogs. No, it needs any accountancy work-related reality blogs without ANY self-promotion.  Sift needs to play its part and make the blogs section that motivates accountants of various shades to blog. The current blogs section is not it. The old AW website blogs section was it. Please take the ideas from there Sift?







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