My Week: Xero to QuickBooks

What is IR35 How does it workHello folks. It was a busy week. Well, busy for a part-timer.  I am enjoying putting in fewer hours. For this to work, it is vital to have competent employees who do the day to day work. Thankfully I have the right people.

I may become a permanent part-timer. Time for self or as wellbeing gurus would put it “me time”.

The situation demands that I stay a part-timer for the moment. I am surprised, more recently, it is working out well. Indeed, every cloud does have a silver lining.

Hopefully, I will be able to retain my current income with fewer hours of practice time. It is possible.


Every time I get my monthly Xero invoices, it pushes the buttons in me to look for cost-effective options. We do not have any issues with Xero’s functionality. We like working with it. Xero increasing prices are a concern.

Unlike some, we do not see Xero as be all and end all. We are NOT unquestioning Xero fans. Well done you Xero. Earlier, the hassle factor did not motivate me to consider alternatives seriously. It is now time.

Much of a Muchness

I think it is best to explore the QB option. I have made the decision to offer QB to new clients. The decision is purely based on costs. The functionality of QB and Xero is similar. The key advantage QB has, in addition to its pricing, is my clients, employees and I can call them.

Further in terms of direct marketing support, I am not getting any from Xero. Having talked to QB, they appeared to be open to this. QB is now what Xero used to be a few years back. Treat small practices like me as having value. I understand, once QB gets their market share, they may become the same as Xero or maybe worse. Till then, I will enjoy the lower prices.


I will start by getting a QB certification.  This way, I will have a good idea of its functionality work and compare it to Xero. Further, it will enable me to train clients.

All new clients will be put on QB. I will review existing clients on Xero and review whether some of them can be moved to QB. These will be smaller clients for example freelancers. I will need to think of an incentive for them to agree to move.

Let’s see how it goes in the coming weeks.








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