My Week: Part-timer

 Hello folks. We are nearing halfway through 2019. Time flies. I feel just yesterday it was January.

Professionally, in 2019 I have not achieved much. So far, 2019  has resulted in major shifts in my life. It has gone in a direction that I did not expect.

Working Hours

For the past few weeks, I have become a part-time practice owner. I am in the main, maintaining the status quo. I am not working on expansion and improving profitability.  I am not sure how long I will carry on like this. It is dependent on to what extent I am able to sort out areas outside work.

Life Changes

Even accountants are not robots. As we get older, life throws some real challenges that change practice owners perspective and day to day life. That tunnel vision is no longer there. Other life-changing priorities take over. That is what has happened to yours truly. To avoid any misunderstanding, I am in good health.

Home Working  

I am not meant to work from home. I tried to over the week. It is not the same as being in our office.

I am in a work zone in the office. There are too many distractions at home. It is not as productive. More and more, over the week, I increased my hours in the office. Though, for the present, it will not be a full week in the office.

Day to Day

One of the upsides of having employees is the day to day work can be delegated. It means, deadlines are met and for the short-term, I can be a part-time small practice owner.





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