My Week: Green Office Week

cropped-istock_000003775668small-bike3.jpgHello folks. I would like to start off by saying shame on you Editorial Team, for not getting any mileage out of Green Office Week.  You are normally on the ball and jump to draft and publish an article. I have to pick up your slack!

My week was not productive. I did not do much work. It was more or less a week off due to reasons that are not related to work. It gives me a chance to talk about the extent to which we are environmentally friendly since it was the Green Office Week.

Starts at the Top

For sustainability, the person in charge has to walk (in my case cycle) the talk.  As you know my commute to the office is on a bicycle. When the weather is not in my favour it is a walk to the office.

I have been using my bicycle as a means of commuting for at least 15 years. I love it. In London, it is quicker to get to your destination on a bike. I sold my very low mileage car about three years ago.

People below will just follow what you do without the need to sell the importance of sustainability.


From day one it was my vision to go max on paperless. For efficiency and environmental reasons.  The foundations set in the early days have been good to build a “green office”.

Our printer is rarely used. Apart from two clients who mail paper and HMRC, the rest of the clients have moved to sending information electronically. I have lost clients since we stopped accepting papers records for new clients.

Our clients are generally IT savvy. On MTD, we do not have any problems. Of course, they are the usual HMRC MTD teething problems. We do not see MTD as a challenge or an opportunity. It is simply the way it will be.

HMRC has failed us by still maintaining paper. There is no need for it.


I am obsessive in making sure we recycle as much as possible. This includes batteries, spam post, and the terrible water bottles. I do not buy these. I cannot stop others from buying them.

I cannot help myself, when I go to shops I think there is so much the Government, manufacturers and retailers and can do to drastically reduce plastic. In the end, it is up to us the immediate gratification consumers. Most of us do not even give it a thought of how much damage we are doing to our environment.

At present, moving to another planet is not an option. We need to look after the one we are living in.






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