My Week: Answering Service

pondHello folks. Most of the week I worked from home. I popped into the office for an hour or so on some of the weekdays. This is likely to be my work pattern for at least the next few weeks. It was for personal and not business reasons. I would rather be in the office.

Not much of a My Week post but hey.


I am not having much luck with suppliers in 2019. All our calls used to go to a telephone answering service. The previous owners of this company were very good. The service and the price were excellent.

Under the new ownership, the price has increased and the service has deteriorated.  I raised this matter on Any Answers a few weeks back.

Money Penny was the most recommended supplier. It is also the most costly. From Monday I am taking a week’s trial with Money Penny and then I will go with it.

It is good to work in an office where all the calls are handled by an outside company. Like before, I have asked for calls NOT to be transferred and emails sent of messages taken.

The advantage is there is a log of all calls taken and calls can be returned when convenient. Work does not have to be stopped to answer a call. It has worked very well for the past five years. Also, there is the added advantage of not answering sales calls.

SEO India

From my limited knowledge of SEO, I would say good progress is being made by the SEO person. It is still early days. I am keeping the SEO person for a year or so.

Social Media

FT Practice Ltd is at last active on the anti-social media. A necessary evil that I detest so much. Thankfully, I do not have to do any of it. One of the perks of being a small practice owner.






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