My Week: Work Practices

blogging_quoteHello folks. A very late edition of my My Week. My life is hectic at present. It was difficult to find the time last week.

It is a so so My Week. Though better than not having a post.

SEO Work

To date, I am happy with the work done on SEO. Though it is early days. It is different from outsourcing accountancy and tax work. In that, it is NOT client work. We are not acting as a middle party between the client and the outsourcing business.

Social Media 

It is fantastic that I do not have to log in to Facebook or Twitter and make some posting when my heart is just in these communication mediums. It is all done by someone else now. GREAT!

Work Culture

I am in touch with my ex-employees. It is helpful to know the culture of other practices.

Over the week, I was shocked to hear how a practice in the UK  operates.  The culture is working long hours and giving up on annual leave (not paid) to catch up with work.  If employees do not do this they are out.

The workload is such that it cannot be completed in the contracted hours. Staff work weekends and long days leaving work between 7 pm and 8 pm.

Employees just accept this is the way. They do not unite and revolt saying this is just not right. I think that is called a union.

The practice is very successful. It gets many referrals and the business continues to expand.


Even just a basic understanding of employee motivation,  would make the owners of the practice in question, stop the current work practices. They are probably ignoring it, in the hope, the problem will go away.

I hope the owners face the music one day and it really hits them where it hurts – their profits. It never works that way. They will continue to be a success.



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