My Week: Retirement

yes-no-maybeHello folks. My week was by no means perfect. Having said that it was better than the previous few weeks.

As we approach the end of the 2018/19 tax year end, I forced myself to think about making provision for retirement. I should have done it years earlier.  Part of the reason for not addressing this area is  I did not want to think about old age and not being able to work.


For white-collar workers, I think retirement is now an outdated concept. We are living longer and we are also healthier. Advancement in medical science is keeping us going for a lot longer.

Besides, we do not have a sufficient number of younger generation to support our social provision.

Examples of Wrinklies

POTUS is 72.  Joe Biden is 76, and he very likely to stand as a candidate for the POTUS. The speaker of the United States House of Representatives,  Nancy Pelosi, is 78.  Also, POTUS will be running to try and get in for the second term!

Maybe the UK  has a narrow-minded perspective on age than US.  Mind you, our judiciary is made up of judges of advanced years.

Retirement Age

When looking at the options for providing for some retirement funding, I had difficulty in working out my retirement age. Should it be 65, 70 or 75?  I am not sure. I went on gut feeling and wrote 75. Why not 80 or 65? I then asked myself. I could not come up with an answer.

Healthy lifestyle

I think I have a healthy lifestyle. I cycle or walk 6 miles a day on weekdays. More recently, I have started going to the gym five times a week. I am still overweight, I am addressing this seriously now and it is working.

Brain cells and mobility permitting, there is no reason why I could not go until 80 and beyond. Pelosi at 78 is going strong.


Next week, I will continue to review my plans for a pension in my advanced years. My retirement age will remain a question mark since I just cannot picture myself taking a back seat.

Work with all its stress, pain and emotional drain keeps me going. Being blunt folks, I do not have much of a life outside work. For me work is life. That is just the way life has panned out for me.




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