My Week: Coping Strategies



Hello folks. It will be over by the end of next week. I cannot wait for the tax returns season to be over (yippee!).

My week was mixed. It was a terrible week on the personal front. On work aspect, it was a stressful but an okay week.

One of the upsides of going through a difficult time is I am finding new ways to cope with life’s downs.

Physical activity

Towards the end of last year, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer.  I have seen her twice so far. She sets a programme for me. Shows me what and how to undertake the various activities in her plan.

Due to the fact, I am going through a difficult time, I increased my physical activity. I raised my gym visits to five times over the week, following the personal trainer’s programme.

Of course, difficult time does NOT go away. Physical activity makes it easier to cope with life’s downs. Also, it means I avoid emotional eating.

The personal trainer has motivated me to go to the gym. For a change, I do not have to force myself to go. I willingly go because I want to feel better, cope with a challenging time and move back to adding value to the practice.

I intend to see the personal trainer every two weeks.  I should have enlisted help of a personal trainer years earlier.


We are now doing okay with tax returns. More than a few revisions to tax returns are being requested. These clients had their tax returns a few weeks back. They waited until the last minute for changes to their tax returns to be made.

Q will make the amendments next week. Then there is getting electronic approval before filing the returns.

I will have a smile on my face next week on Friday 1 February. I hope the weather improves from here. Things can’t get any worse.  With my luck, sure they can and do.


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