My Week: Are we there yet?

2016Hello folks.  It will all go away after 31 January. Of course, I am talking about the tax returns season and all the headaches it brings. They are many of these. I know I am not unique in facing January blues.

We are not there yet

Our time since the start of the new year has been challenging. It will be worse over the remaining month of January.  it is mainly down to yours truly.

You see,  I took my eye of the practice ball way back from September last year. It meant, the work that was needed to be done to start chasing for information did not happen. To put it bluntly dear reader, I did not manage FT Practice Ltd. I coasted.

The result of my coasting is that we have an even more stressful January than otherwise what would have been the case.

Buzz off clients!

Like you, no doubt, what makes Januray more stressful is some clients moaning about their tax bill. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “How much?! This can’t be right!”

Then there is a time-consuming process of explaining why the tax liability is what it is. The counter-argument from clients tends to be why Apple and Amazon are not paying much tax and I am.

It was one of those months, where I have felt like telling some clients just buzz off and leave me alone! Of course, I would not do this. Feeling as you know, does not need to be followed by action.

Yours truly

I can no longer afford to coast. I would lose what I have built over a number of years, through stress, sweat and tears. I am back in action. Well, sort of. I am slowly getting back into it more and more. I have no other viable choice folks.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, by now, you know I tend to be brutally honest. Due to my coasting, to my regret, I lost some clients. On that front, I am taking action and making sure that does NOT carry on.

It is so easy to lose clients and so difficult to win new ones. For this reason, I need to get back to what I call my good old days of directing and managing a small practice.





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