My Week: January Blues

Business PlanHello folks. What a start to January. Days are short and grey. I need the sun. I want to run away to a place where there is summer.

Tax! Tax! Tax!

Yup. Tax returns season is in full swing. It is not any different to previous years.  Stressful and I want January to end tomorrow.

My week was not too good. Though towards the end of the week, I was beginning to feel better.  I have just started to take steps on improving my day to day life.

Though I am a long way away from where I should be. You know the saying The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


I have neglected my practice over the past few months.  Despite this, it is ticking along as a result of my systems. At the same time, I really need to get my backside into gear now.

Q is doing most of the day to day. I will address practice management side and making an assessment on the current status of the practice. I have no idea where we are at present. Also, prioritise areas to address.

I need to take advantage of the fact that Q has taken over a substantial amount of the day to day now. It means I need to use the freed up time in a way that achieves my objectives.

Objectives? I do not even know what they are any longer. Events have changed me and what I want going forward.

Maybe, I should go to my local Starbucks with my Mac and try to draft my objectives, over an Americano, as a middle-aged man.  Of course, wanting does not equate getting it.






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