My Year: 2018 (2 of 2)

inner-peaceHello folks, this is the second of My Year: 2018 blog. As I mentioned in the first My Year: 2018, it will have an autobiographical bent.

I was in two minds about blog two. On reflection, I am going for it.

From September

In September 2018,  I celebrated the date of my birth. Up to this point, I was more or less okay. In the sense, I was concentrating on the growth of FT Practice Ltd.  I am sure you know from my blogs, I was ambitious.

Most of my thinking used to be on how do I take the practice forward. Matters outside the practice did not concern me so much. I did not think much about my mortality.

Mental Shift

From the point of my last birthday, I changed.  This change was triggered by the realisation of my age, my current personal life and decisions I made in the past to be where I am today.

Since last September, I do not think I am an ambitious person any longer. On the practice front, I have taken a back seat. I am no longer going out of my way on expansion. No, let me be honest here, I am NOT working at all on growth. Despite this, the practice is doing okay.

Further, I have left most of the day to day work to Q. If I had my way I would leave everything to Q. This is not possible.  I am not sure what I would do.

What was 2018 like?

The purpose of today’s blog is not to write my autobiography. It is to reflect on my 2018 year. It means I need to get to the point.

2018 was not a good year for me. I say this, simply because, I cannot reset my professional and personal life and start again with a clean slate. Yes, I know it can be done. If you think this, you are missing my point. Years gone are gone. You or I cannot be age X again and restart from that point.

Words of comfort

I am not looking for words of comfort folks. I will have to find my own way in 2019 and beyond. I am sure I will.

Heart and Mind

I now see the practice as a way to earn an income. My heart and mind are no longer so much into it. 2019 will be about trying to change my life outside work. For this reason, I stopped my CTA studies and I did not sit the November exam. I do not want to spend my valuable hours studying!

Since the age of 16, I have worked very hard. I no longer want to carry on working as hard as I used to.

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