My Year: 2018 (1 of 2)

Hello folks. I think you know by now that it is the time of the year when I reflect on how my year has gone.

My last My Week post on 23 August 2018. I will try and recall what happened between September to today in the next blog.

This is the first of two My Year blogs. The second blog will have an autobiographical bent. Please allow for a list of events approach in this blog.


Like 2017, 2018 introduced itself with the tax returns season. Like last year, it was a depressing January. Cloudy grey days were combined with tax returns season. It was a stressful January. It went on and on. I could not wait for it to be over.


HMRC’s tax returns ducks campaign proved to be effective. It got clients to act and provide us with the information we requested in January. I was so pleased to enter February after a long, and a painful January.

I reviewed our marketing options. Also, I purchased a newsletters service.


I was conflicted whether I should carry on with CTA studies. This was simply because the amount of time needed to study.

Q took some time off to recuperate from minor surgery. I coped without her.


I upped my study hours on CTA studies for the exam in May. I remained conflicted whether I should carry on with CTA.


The weather improved. It resulted in me enjoying my cycling commute to the office.

I took my CTA personal tax exam. It did not go well.

I bought iMac to use as my main work desktop computer. It looked the part in the office.

Although the tax exam did not go well, my confidence in handling matters tax improved.


FT Practice Ltd was doing well. I became better at client selection to ensure new clients fitted the profile of the practice.

I said goodbye to some clients who were not right for the practice in terms of effort and fees.

50% of purchased fee bank lost over the year. This was due to clients going into employment. My inexperience in buying fee bank revealed itself in June.


It was the month of the first anniversary of moving to FT store. I was and still am very pleased to move to our own business premises.

I received CTA results and as expected I did not pass. More about this in blog two.


It was a month of losing clients. Thankfully FT Practice Ltd had a sufficent buffer to cope with the fee loss.


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