My Week: Employee mistakes


Hello folks. Once again, in the main, it was a client stress-free week.  I think this will be the case until the new school term starts. Then, it will be more cars on the road, an increase in the number of client emails and let’s not forget changing the clocks to put the nation in a state of depression. 

It is a short My Week. Please give me credit for regular posting, despite my busy schedule. I have work outside meeting client immediate needs. Well, we are all time-starved and tasks heavy. So much for progress, giving us more time to ourselves.

Employee Errors

We lost a client as a direct result of a mistake made by Q on client’s VAT return.  Once the mistake was corrected, it changed the client’s VAT liability of £6,000 to a small refund. To be fair to the client, he raised the point twice that his VAT due figure was not correct. After, I intervened we spotted the error.

I had a meeting with the client and explained how the mistake arose and why it would not happen again.

I thought the client left the meeting understanding the issue and was okay as long as everything was corrected.

About three weeks later, meaning over the week, the email that as practice owners we all dread – Dear John, I am leaving you, landed in my Inbox. The rest of the email was meaningless guff.

Q’s Response 

Q was understandably concerned about the impact of her position as an employee. FT Practice Ltd lost £100+VAT per month. He was an easy client to maintain which made his fee lucrative.

My view is that employees make mistakes. Some of these mistakes cost the practice. All we can do as practice owners is to make sure it does not happen again.

Of course, I was disappointed. I did not convey my disappointment to Q. I give her comfort by informing her not to worry and more importantly learn from the experience. Best to put this behind us and concentrate on adding value to the practice.

Actuate the positive

I think as practice owners one of our roles is to ensure that we create an environment of positivity. Even where we fall into hard times.  By the way, FT Practice Ltd is far from hard times.

Further, to support our employees even when they make whopper mistakes. My experience has proved, as a result, they then give so much more in turn. It also means improved employee retention.

Negatively leads to downwards spiral and demotivation.

On a different note, please never take my blogs as advice. I simply blog about my experience and express my views. They are many articles on AW offering advice (not for me). This blog is NOT it.

And Finally

I tried on a new suit in a men’s clothes shop for a wedding I am attending over the weekend. I am right to avoid full-length mirrors. There is no remedy for a decaying body as a result of ageing. If you are young and good-looking,  I take comfort in knowing that your turn will come. The ageing process is around the corner. Those looks will go. At times, life can be fair.


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