My Week: Timeout

weight journalHello folks. I think our beautiful summer is over. I am okay with this. It is still good cycling weather when combined with the BBC weather app on my smartphone. It beats facebook and twitter, in that it gives me useful information on which I base my daily decisions.

The school holiday period has meant the number of client emails has reduced drastically.  It allowed me to take some time out, well 3 days, to study and sort out other non-work related issues.

It is a short My Week today. It is not all go all the time in FT Practice. Some weeks are as described in today’s My Week. Other weeks are wow! For me, my week was wow. You will not see it in the same way and understandably so.

Productive study time  

I am an early bird when it comes to studies. I am certainly not a night owl. With the brain rested and refreshed, mornings are the most productive to study the challenging Individuals Advisory paper.

I am also at my most productive if I study in a good library. There is an excellent library 8 miles away from my flat. Great, I get good excerise by cycling to the library and get in quality study time.

I can only study 3 hour slots, with 5 minutes breaks after each hour. After 3 hours of studying, for me, it just not worth carrying on.

After my 3 hours slot, it was back on my bike, for the 8-mile return journey. 16 miles a day of cycling in great weather made me feel on top of the world.

Water leakage 

My maintenance person is still in the gaga land over his infatuation over a woman. About 3 weeks ago, I had to find someone to fix the office rainwater leakage, through the ceiling.  I paid £300 and we still have the leakage.

After several calls to the new maintenance person, he is coming Sunday week to remedy his faulty work. In the meantime, we have a leakage.  The BBC weather forecast app shows no heavy rain over the weekend. Then it is only a few more days to wait until the problem is fixed.

And Finally 

I am pleased with my weight loss. I am losing a pound to half a pound a week. I have a long way to go. So far I have lost 10 lbs. It will take me about a year to get to a healthy weight. Though, I will not get obsessive about it. At the same, I now have a strong motivation to lose the weight.

I am also going to the gym regularly, at least 2 times a week. The average is 3 times a week.

I noticed my walking pace is faster now. This is just with 10 lbs weight loss. When the loss is doubled, simply carrying less weight will mean I will be able to move with considerable ease.

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