My Week: Fee Increase

sales meetingHello folks. We reached record temperatures during the week. It was uncomfortably warm in the office. I was cursing my architect of not thinking ventilation during the planning stage of renovation. It is now too late for us to have air conditioning. Mind you, the eco-warrior in me is pleased with the status quo.

Increasing fees

I have a client hit list on fee increases. I contacted three of them during the week. It was not easy. Nobody wants to pay more. There was resistance.

I was concerned that some or all of them will jump ship. One said she would review her options. Meaning she will look around.  Through an exchange of emails, we reached a compromise. I agreed to reduce the increase by 50%. Thankfully she is staying on.

With the remaining two clients, after stressful discussions, they caved in on the increase. I have a few more clients to contact. My target is three a week.

I should have addressed fee increases some time back. I do not think, I am any different to others in procrastinating over the matter. It is simply due to the fear of losing some of the fee bank. It is risky but at the same time, it needs to be addressed.

Social Media

I have started experimenting with social media. I still have not downloaded Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin on my smartphone. Some time back, I even turned off all notifications from these channels. Over the weekend, I will review which notification to make active again.

Being truthful, I do not like any of the channels I mentioned, since it a time consuming activity to keep up.

At the same time, I need to participate, since my reading has shown they are important sales channels if done right. It is early days for me. I will take it day by day. No doubt, I will make mistakes. That is the way we all learn.

Tax Blog

As you know, I am addressing a weakness in my tax knowledge. In that regard, I drafted a business blog on residential landlords deductible expenses.  Like my AW blogs, practice makes perfect.  I have a long way to go. If I was not studying for CTA exams I would not have drafted a blog on tax.


I booked for the November 2018 Individuals advisory paper examination. It is very difficult to find the time to study. In the evenings I am exhausted. That leaves early mornings before work and weekends.

Individuals is one of the more challenging paper since the coverage is wide and also because of the time pressure in the exam. You really need to know your stuff to get through.

After the last exam, I covered all of CGT and I had covered personal tax before the last exam. I just started on past exam questions. I will now only work om past exam questions unless it is an area, I do not understand.

And Finally

I love summer but it has been too long since we had rain. I want rain to reduce the uncomfortable temperature levels and so that we do not have water shortages. Lack of rain is now worrying.

I hope to back here next week. Unless of course, my head ends up on a stick.

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