My Week: Out of Office

imageHello folks. Depending on your perspective, so far we have been lucky with the fantastic summer. May it continue.

My week, as usual, was busy. It was a short working week since I had to take 2 personal days.


Thankfully, I did not return to work with too many emails and client queries to address. Q is now mostly managing and working on the day to day. It was not easy to get to this place.

The first and the most difficult challenge was getting clients to address their queries to Q and not me. The way I handled this was through Q responding to ALL client emails.

Even, when Q was not in, I responded to emails in her name. Finally, the penny has dropped with clients.  It took just over 2 years. Though they remain just a few clients who will not have it any other way. I just ask Q to respond.

The second challenge was building up Q’s confidence of the point she had the skills to respond to queries. This was addressed through positive feedback and also clients response to her emails. Again, it has not been easy, to get to this place.

Necessity is the mother of invention

It is amazing what humans will do when we have no other option but to work with what we have. It is one of the key reasons, I think the worst anyone can do to their offspring is to leave them a generous inheritance.

They would not have the motivation to find their own way since the bank of mum and dad has made it too comfortable. Mind you it may have been comfortable for mum and dad as a result of their parents and the cycle continues. How sad.

Maybe, my views would be different if I had access to the bank of mum and dad and I was in a position where I had passed on my genes.


Google is terrible in sending emails providing stats on how FT Practice Ltd’s has performed without explanation of the terminology. I do not understand it. It is key information that I NEED to understand. I intend to look into it.  June stats show:

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 15.02.11.png

They do not look good. Bounce rate (move on after the first page) is high and they stay on the website for 30 seconds! I do not have the information to compare the figures to our competitors.

AND Finally 

The local area was and still is buzzing because of Wimbledon. It is amazing, how a game of tennis can be so middle to upper class or those trying to up their class. It is all about the money honey! And then there is me.

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