My Week: Technical Competence

yes-no-maybeHello folks. I would not say it was a good week. The work, I planned to do, did not get done due to some pressing client needs. Also, in the fantastic summer that we are having, the productivity slumps in the afternoon.

FT store gets very warm from 3 pm due to the sun shining through the all-glass frontage. We have a massive blind, that helps, but it is not enough. 

Practice Expansion

Compared to last year, there has been a significant reduction in practice growth. It is simply because I am no longer spending my time on marketing. It is spent on supporting Q, client meetings, some client queries and studies.

At times, I am conflicted and also a little jealous to see practices grow without putting the emphasis or importance on CPD. It is very possible to get away with it. I am a good example of this.

Clients comes to us because of our perceived technical skills as “accountants” and not easy to navigate website, beautiful cloud software, many service promises and mission statements that awards judges love. Is there a criterion for technical competence?

In my case, it really is back to basics on tax at the heavy price of reduced rate of expansion.  It concerns me at times, but I do not see any other way to become a competent small practice owner.  For me, marketing activities are much easier and positively affect my bottom line.

Thanks to advances in technology, I can only see the technical competency of start-up small practice owners getting worse. Put in a few figures in tax software and all DONE!

And Finally

I think I am losing my blogging mojo. Maybe it is because I have better things to do now. I will try and post weekly but the blogs are likely to be short. I think it is best, for my sanity, to post something less wordy than nothing.  I promise only to share my experience and NOT provide advice.

Care to comment?

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