My Week: Summer Time

inner-peaceHello folks. I do not have any particular message or objective in today’s My Week besides the need to write that is not client or CTA studies related.

I love this time of the year, and I love my local area. There is something about summer. This summer, for some reason, is unique for me.

I appreciate the greenery around me and my bicycle commute in the early summer mornings is heaven. If only, we would take serious measures not to destroy our beautiful planet.  No, that will not happen. We are an instant gratification society.  The vast majority of us just do not care as long as our immediate needs are met. 

FT Practice Ltd

Team FT is extremely busy with March 2018 accounts production and the day to day client queries. It is not easy. At the same time, I cannot see myself outside the practice world now.

Despite the time-consuming tax investigations and not having any practice experience before entering the practice world, I think yours truly is doing well. Of course, they are areas of improvement. The day, I say, we are 100% okay, it would be time to wrap up and move on.

CTA Studies 

My confidence in handling tax queries has increased significantly as a direct result of CTA studies. The benefits outweigh the pain and sweat- even at my age.

A week after my exam, I went back to the manuals, studying regularly. It is more effective to study say an hour a day rather than five hours over the weekend in one go.

Tax Investigation

The current Tax Investigation is a distraction from the progress of the practice. We will be moving to fee protection provider that takes over the investigation work. It is just not worth my time.

I am flexible to move now, since I hardly call the tax helpline, thanks to my studies.


I am working the with the iMac in the office. The home desktop is the Windows computer. It is different working on an iMac. I love working on it. However, the jury is out on whether it is equally effective as working on a Windows computer.

The Mac does look the part in FT Store.

There is Apple’s WWDC next week. I just bought an iMac, they may launch a newer version. Damn!

And Finally

In July it will be a year since we moved to our current location in a retail unit. I have no regrets despite the fact, we are living in an online world. There is room for FT Store. Something different to a website. Our USP? I need to go to Accountex and connect with a Practice Guru. I would be shown the light and reach my first million fee bank.   Accountex 2019 here I come!

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