My Week: Tax Woman

A woman rides a Barclays cycle hire bike in London.Hello folks. It was good to see sunshine on the few days of the week.  Spring is nearly here. I am looking forward to longer days.

2018 is flying! We are already in March. Just 9 more months before the year is out. Just think. 

VAT Inspection

A long and a stressful VAT inspection, on one of our major clients, was concluded over the week. It was such a relief.

The tax woman I think went beyond her remit by moving on from VAT to annual accounts. After 12 days work. Her conclusion was music to my ears:

“I have now looked at all the information which you have forwarded and have no further queries.

Thank you for your assistance in concluding this inspection.”

Please, not another big inspection this year. I want to work with Q on key areas to improve FT Practice Ltd.

Good Work

As you know, I did not get the finished article with Q. To be fair, she did not claim to be the finished article when I recruited her. Further, I did not have the budget to pay for a fully fledged practice person.

Q has grown professionally over the period she has been with the practice. She does not tick all the boxes. At the same time, I do not want to lose her. I think her departure would have a serious impact on the running of the practice. I would go out of my way to retain her.

If I had a person, who ticked all the boxes, he/she would have moved on by now. M, as much as I respect her, is a good example of this.

Over the week, it came home to me how valuable Q has become. Her confidence is growing. It will take time for her to take client meetings. I am okay with this aspect.

Her work on the VAT inspection work proved to be invaluable.

International Women’s Day

We had a day for women.I thought Google Doodle on the subject represented the day extremely well.

I had to Google to understand what the day was meant to signify.  “It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.” Source

In the first world,  I think barriers can be overcome. I speak as a person who has overcome barriers of many sorts including race.

I think females in the developing and third world face serious issues because they are girls/women. It includes lack of education and child marriages. It is an area where I am willing to give my time and attention. Not UK or US.

I have years of experience, I have seen women and ethnic minorities (I am one of them) who have overcome career hurdles arising from discrimination. It is possible in first world countries and virtually impossible in third-world countries.

As a person whose childhood was in a third world country, issues we face are insignificant in comparison.

I think the best way to bring change is through winning and getting the influential posts to implement changes.

Men’s Role

The social change that we are going through has also blurred our role as men.  I think it is now is simply to put the bin out. Pretty soon, we will become obsolete.

Pretty soon? We are more or less obsolete now! Even asking someone on a date, you get a step wrong and you will be on social media and/or rejected through more than one communication channel. Best to stay at home and listen or read a good book.  The tide has turned. Women are taking over.

I think in 20 years we will be too scared to be made fun of to have a Global Men’s Day. That is if we are not extinct or simply be subservient to women. Some of us already are.

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