My Week: Study Day

hit rateHello folks. Time flies. We are already over halfway before the end of the month. When I sit down and draft My Week, I always ask myself what have I achieved this week. The response is always just not enough.

On the work front, I am caught up in the day to day. The downside of working on maintenance/survival tasks will mean that I will not move forward. I will stay where I am. 

It is a short and not so sweet My Week post. I just want to rest after a week that could have gone so much better.

VAT Compliance 

As I mentioned in the previous My Week, just one HMRC compliance visit work can take over the practice. Most of Q’s week was taken up in preparing a response to compliance visit. There is still further work to do.

On the next renewal date, I will change fee protection insurance provider. I will move to a provider who takes over and does the work based on the information we provide.

I do not want practice’s time taken on responding to HMRC’s tax officer.


Honestly, folks, CTA advisory paper is just too much. It demands hours of study. In my case, I am still not there. Even with the time I put in,  it is not sufficient to cover the subject adequately and pass the examination.

I took a day off to catch up. I cannot do this every week.

The upside of my attempt to study the advisory paper is that I am learning aspects of taxation that is already beneficial to the practice. Further, it will bring rewards over the long term.

I am conflicted. The time I put in studying, I could be working on value-adding tasks that would bring immediate benefits to the practice. The exam is in May until then I will carry on as I am and review my position, whether to carry on with CTA.

New Business

It was a good week for potential client queries and meetings. This is without me taking any action on marketing. I will know the outcome of my proposals next week.



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