My Week: HELLO February!

My MonthHello folks. Finally, the tax returns season is over. I think, it is for the best to accept the fact dealing with human nature, as it is,  in our line of business goes with the territory.

A positive aspect of the cold and grey month one is it is a good time for cash inflow. On that note, may January continue and my heartful thanks to HMRC for putting the fear of God in taxpayers making them contact accountants like me.


I thought HMRC ducks campaign this year was excellent.  I wish they started in December. It would have helped. We are talking about last minute sacks of meat, maybe not.


Moving on to matters My Week. I did not get much done after Wednesday. Thursday was half day and Friday was, how I can I put it, FRIDAY. Nothing of significance got done. We were in recovery from a terrible January.

Returning to Normality

On freezing mornings walks to FT Store, I thought about areas to work on, outside the day to day clients matters. One thing is certain if we work on the day to day, and not allow time for value-adding activities, we will stay where we are in our comfort zone.  We would not move forward.

Please allow a little motivational guru talk. In order to improve, we need to be out of our comfort zone. For me studying at the same time as FT practice demanding my time is well out of my comfort zone.

I did not think, in my advanced middle age years,  I would be studying for what I think is a challenging examination.  I am addressing a key professional weakness and I have no doubt it will add real value to the practice.  It is bang on relevant to the challenging practice world.

Back to my point, on Thursday and Friday, I managed to get more or less on target with studies. My study plan now has some highly satisfying DONE ticks.  I will continue to study on a regular basis. It is not easy to find the time.


As you no doubt know, marketing is a wide subject. I feel FT Practice’s marketing is a mess due to the fact I neglected it for too long. It needs to become, once again, a top priority. I do not know where to start.

My thinking is to adopt a salami technique or put in every day and not so big-headed language – baby steps leading to a goal(s). Okay, here is my brainstorming- I think:

  1. Local Google
  2. Key Directories
  3. Business Card, Brochure
  4. Weekly blogs
  5. Newsletter
  6. Planning
  7. Pay Per Click?
  8. Marketing Strategy?
  9. Marketing Plan?
  10. Just do it?
  11. Client Reviews?

And Finally 

2018 can only improve from here. For accountants in practice, the first month of the year will always be stressful. Articles on stressfree January do not change the reality of practice life. I think, we just have to accept January for what it is. Stressful and lucrative. Remember we are all in this together.







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